#34 Meditation - Mantra Series (Part 1): So Hum (9min)

Hey Yogi,

Welcome to Part 1 of our 3 Part Mantra Series.

What is a Mantra?
A mantra is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated to ‘vehicle of the mind’. It is a sound, word or phrase that is often used to help keep the mind focused. Mantras are a great way of practicing mindfulness, helping to slow down and calm the mind during your yoga and meditation practices. In this series we will be exploring 3 different mantras combined with some simple breathing techniques.

Mantra #1: So Hum
In this meditation we will be connecting our breath with the mantra ’So Hum’, which translates to ‘I Am That’. This mantra symbolises that we are all connected and can be used to focus the ‘thinking mind’.